Should We Say Social Networks or Social Media

At Hootsuite, we usually talk about social media . Yet there is one question that many of you are asking yourself: is there a difference between social media and social networks? If it’s your case you’re not the only one! To tell the truth, many people confuse the two. The two terms are very often used for each other but […]

Understanding What Social Media Is

But what are these damn social media?!? Here are some useful definitions to help you find your way … Social media (or interactive web, or web 2.0) Social media is sometimes called “web 2.0” as opposed to the 1st phase of the web which is called 1.0 (classic websites: no interactivity with the internet user). To […]

Social Media or Social Network

Definition Social media generally refers to all sites and web platforms that offer so-called “social” features to users: Collaborative content creation ( wikis ) Exchange of information between individuals (forums, blogs open to comments …) Content sharing (articles, photos, videos, messages …) Social network or social media? Social media is a set of technologies, content, and interactions […]

Inbound Marketing

Social Networking And Social Media, What Difference?

Often the terms “social media” and “social networks”  are used indiscriminately to designate the different sites and the multiple social functionalities of the web. But this confusion often leads to prejudicial approximations: how to define a legible and lasting strategy of Inbound Marketing without precisely controlling the vocabulary used? Distinguish social media and social networks Under the term social media are […]

Conferences – Internet of Objects And Network of Sensors Select a Location:

IWIOT’17 – International workshop on internet of things 27 August 2017 • Coimbatore, India Summary: If you are looking to build your professional career with technical exposure and certifications right from your college days, Train O Tech is your best companion. Ours is blissful team of professionals with mastery over Technical Training, IT empowerment, career management […]

I started to disappear from the Internet

How I started to disappear from the Internet

A rainy Sunday. The radio that evokes again the piracy of Yahoo . By the way, did not I create an account on Yahoo a decade ago … Maybe it’s time to get rid of it. I never used it, except by uploading some photos on Flickr in 2010. Save images, export information! I normally no longer exist in the Yahoo […]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of objects allows proactive access to data from any connected device The Internet of objects represents an evolution in which objects can interact with others. Hospitals can monitor and regulate long-distance pacemakers, factories can automatically adjust production line problems, and hotels can adjust temperature and lighting according to a guest’s preferences, to name a […]

European Internet

The European Internet neutralized

If the European institutions have officially adopted net neutrality by the end of 2015, it remains to specify the conditions for their application. On Tuesday (30 August), the European Telecoms Regulators Body (BEREC) published the guidelines for this principle of non-discrimination, guaranteeing equal access for all citizens, businesses and governments. There are, however, a few exceptions: VoIP, […]