Best Practises to Boost the Conversion Rate of Landing Pages

Best Practises to Boost the Conversion Rate of Landing Pages

So you’ve created a great landing page and the inbound traffic is the flowing. However, the all the visitors who are eagerly landing on your page are leaving without any engagement. No comments, no shares, and above all, no product purchases. There is a classic scenario where a landing page is optimised for search engines to generate traffic, but is not similarly optimised to increase the conversion rate. Without conversion rate optimisation, your landing page is just a dud where people come and go. You should pay as much attention, or perhaps even more, to enhancing the conversion rate, which is directly related to business profits. Here are several tips that will help your company try CRO tactics on all landing pages:

Improve All the Descriptions

The first thing to fix is all the text on the landing page. Check the headlines, CTA button text, and product descriptions. Do you notice spelling errors, nonsensical phrases, or boring text in general? Hire great writers or provide content writing training to your marketing team so that they can create great text for landing pages. You can always visit WME Group company and ask for help. If the textual content is filled with errors or is not compelling otherwise, then visitors would just be disappointed and leave. You could lose precious traffic over a spelling error. Therefore, invest in high-quality text for all the landing pages.

Remove Interstitials

Interstitials are those windows that pop up when a user navigates to a web page. An interstitial may request information like emails, ask to consent to a conditions form, or request to declare age. In some cases, like where an age declaration is required, interstitials are necessary. In all other instances, they are not. Interstitials only get in the way of seamless customer experiences. Therefore, just get rid of them unless the site needs legal declarations.

Use an Eye-Popping Colour for the CTA Button

There’s little point in having a CTA button if no one can see it. Therefore, make sure all visitors see that call to action by shading the button in a colour that dramatically contrasts with rest of the background. Red is a colour that contrasts with most other shades. That’s why you see most CTA buttons in red. Likewise, choose an easy to notice colour to emphasize those CTAs.

Reduce Fill Out Fields

Is the landing page trying to get visitors to subscribe to an emailing list or something else? If you want people to go through with it, eliminate all the pain points, namely all those fields. Make it easy as possible for people to sign up as possible. Remove excess fields from forms and keep them as short as possible. Increase customer convenience and you will naturally see a high conversion rate.

Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline for the landing page should be bold, big, and attention grabbing. Therefore, make sure the headline is published in a manner that attracts attention instantly. While it’s tempting to make outlandish claims just to get attention, make sure the headline is compelling but also highly accurate.

Additionally, making the site speedy as possible also contributes to higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Get inspiration from the above suggestions to give a considerable internet traffic boost to the landing page. Online ads and promotions can only do so far. Once the customer is near a product, the page should be perfectly optimised to get that customer to make a purchase.

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