Should We Say Social Networks or Social Media

At Hootsuite, we usually talk about social media . Yet there is one question that many of you are asking yourself: is there a difference between social media and social networks? If it’s your case you’re not the only one! To tell the truth, many people confuse the two. The two terms are very often used for each other but […]

Understanding What Social Media Is

But what are these damn social media?!? Here are some useful definitions to help you find your way … Social media (or interactive web, or web 2.0) Social media is sometimes called “web 2.0” as opposed to the 1st phase of the web which is called 1.0 (classic websites: no interactivity with the internet user). To […]

Social Media or Social Network

Definition Social media generally refers to all sites and web platforms that offer so-called “social” features to users: Collaborative content creation ( wikis ) Exchange of information between individuals (forums, blogs open to comments …) Content sharing (articles, photos, videos, messages …) Social network or social media? Social media is a set of technologies, content, and interactions […]

Inbound Marketing

Social Networking And Social Media, What Difference?

Often the terms “social media” and “social networks”  are used indiscriminately to designate the different sites and the multiple social functionalities of the web. But this confusion often leads to prejudicial approximations: how to define a legible and lasting strategy of Inbound Marketing without precisely controlling the vocabulary used? Distinguish social media and social networks Under the term social media are […]

Reason Why Social Media Play A Major Role In E-commerce

There are many people in the world who had been started their ecommerce business recently and have succeeded more. Those people had achieved success by means of holding their hands on to a successful and thoughtful SEO company and also made their business successful. Some of the social media also helps in contributing the success […]