Common Questions Regarding ipsidy’s Biometric Technology

Common Questions Regarding ipsidy’s Biometric Technology

Ipsidy is a transaction network that provides the government clients, business enterprises and other users with a security of the highest level. Biometric identification technique is one the technologies used by Ipsidy transaction network. This technology has increased its acceptance by various institutions, especially in financial services, government and healthcare sector.

 It is common for individuals to various questions about the latest technology and Ipsidy delivers trusted transaction with answers to the most asked question about biometric technology at Here are some of the answered questions:

Definition of biometric technology

Biometric is a technology that involves biometrics strategies to identify people and they comprise intrinsic about physical characteristics. The fingerprint is the common used biometric and others include eye, handprints, scans and voice recognition.

Biometric identification has been involved in most security sectors substituting the passwords, standard keys, and security badges that are mostly used today. Biometric comes with more security advantages since it is difficult to duplicate, unlike passwords or security badge.

Can a scraped finger or cut result to identification setbacks with biometric identifications?

Absolutely not. The template kept in a biometric database is not the entire fingerprints, just sufficient that can be able to verify the identification. Just a few sections of the fingerprint are stored, therefore if a section of the finger is scraped or cut, other section will still verify. Additionally, most systems enable an enrollee to scan the finger from every hand in case the mostly used finger is unable to scan.

Does biometric technology store fingerprints images?

Absolutely Not. As mentioned earlier, only specific points on digital representation are stored but not all image. The Automated-Fingerprint-Identification-Systems (AFIS) applied by law enforcement to store the image of a fingerprint for obvious purposes but biometric identification used for security reasons.

Can law enforcement use store finger fingerprint template?

Not really. Referring to answer on the previous question, a biometric system cannot store all image of a fingerprint but only particular areas that can be used for individual identification. After the identity of an individual is verified, they will discard the image and the template will have inadequate information to create the image of a fingerprint.

The advantages of biometric technology

Upside biometric system offers a higher range of security since an authorized user does not necessarily have to cram the pin codes or passwords which are compromised and forgotten. Also, it has replaced the smart cards or keys which are frequently misplaced or even stolen. It is absolutely ridiculous if there can be any reported case of stolen or lost fingerprint.


Ipsidy’s Biometric system comprise too much to be covered on this a brief article. This is because the biometric system is upgrading at a rapid pace that it is rather difficult to compete with it. However, the advantages offered by biometric technology are apparent compared to the conventional security system. Hence, the biometric home security system is produced already and surprisingly it won’t be too long before you come across this remarkable technology on your devices and automobiles.

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