increase conversion rate shopify

How to increase conversion rate shopify

Increasing shopify conversion rate automatically improves the profit output rates in an E commerce shop. As an E commerce shop owner what are the best ways to increase shopify conversion rates? One thing to note is that the online shop is much competitive unlike the physical shop. This therefore becomes the hardest question to answer as it all depends with your store, target market and the brand on the products that you offer.

Customers have diversified choices on where to spend their money just by one click away, they are in another store. Working on your website is therefore the very first step that ensures once customers click to your website, they cannot flit to other sites to compare deals.

Just before implementing other factors on the improvement, there are some basics every online shop should have. To start with is your product page, this is included to tell your customers why the product is the right choice.

A website page should also include what problems the product will solve to the buyer just before a purchasing decision is made. One of the very unfortunate thing is that this simple step is always neglected. One decides to focus on what happens when a customer adds a product to their cart. Believe me that customers won’t go that far unless you have an appealing product page.

What a product page should entail;

A great product page should have the following elements

Features of the product

Detailed benefits of the product/ what problems it helps solve

All other informative information on the product

The page should build the trust between you and the customer

To improve your product page, am going to shed some light on some simple ways that will increase your conversions on your product page

Including a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQ section)

This is a section where common concerns, questions or even objectives by the buyers are addressed. FAQ section ensures that the overall anxiety of purchasing online is reduced, it ensures that on –the fence customers buy from your store. If this is done right, it acts as an effective addition to your website by

Earning customer trust by demonstrating on how to use the product

I improving the site navigation in Search engine optimization systems (SEO)

  • Reducing online purchasing anxieties

But where do you find the frequently asked questions? Your inbox and the customer support tickets should linger in your mind, the questions should be addressed in a professional way to ensure that the customer is at ease.

The FAQ section is often used as an afterthought conclusion on those buying in many websites. But, if used strategically, it can add a lot of value in your E commerce shop. So, are you making the most out of yours?

Incorporate product videos and images

One of the great disadvantage of online shopping over the physical method is not being in position to touch, feel or even examine the type of product you want to buy. On the other hand walking down street to buy from the mall frees you to all this, you can touch, examine at your own pace and make a better decision on what you are buying.

To increase the rate of shopify conversion to your E commerce store, ensure Picture on the items are on your product page. A well shot and captioned video with a step by step explanation can also fit the gap of the missing connections availed in the physical shop.

The videos should be simple to understand and informative, adding a video to your product page could be as simple as uploading a video on you tube or using an app from

Allow customer reviews

Allowing customers reviews on your pages helps ease all the purchasing fears that any buyer may come with. New visitors on your website can easily view the reviews that maybe left by other customers whether positive or negative. Positive reviews strengthens the trust with the customers and reassures them of the quality offered.

Allowing customer reviews is a great social proof to many new people who may be visiting the product page and wondering whether to buy from you or walk away. Reviews not only show that customers were there but also show the care they have to leave reviews after the great services offered.

You may visit the website to acquire yourself an app for your website that helps customer leave their review. A follow up process may be used to ensure each customer leaves a review.


Applying this simple tips may greatly transform your online business profits. Allowing customer reviews, including the FAQ section and adding images and detailed videos may sound like tips for the advanced businesses or even bigger companies but they are for everyone. Every business should apply this, big or small.

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