Vistaprint Business Cards

Sell More Cookies for a Lot Less Bread

It takes a lot of self-confidence to open a business of any kind in today’s competitive environment and that is especially true if you’re opening a bakery.  You first put lots of thought into the goods you want to sell, carefully chose the location you think is best, then tell family and friends all about it.  As much as they may want you to succeed, there is only so many cookies they will buy from you.  The rest you’ll have to bring through the door on your own.  You hear experts say that when it comes to business, three words matter most: Location, location, location.  I’d take it a step further and say there are three others that are just as important; Vistaprint Business Cards.  If you have a brick-and-mortar location like a bakery, you know how important it is to find and hold onto customers.  Fresh baked items usually sell themselves, but your customers must know where to find them.

Vistaprint makes getting the word out about your product easy because they take care of the printing details while you raise the bread.  Using their website to make your order is simple, so your personalized company cards, letterhead stationery and boxes will have the uniformed look your customers will come to recognize.  And when you’re ready to begin the process, start with Groupon because they’re sure to have some codes you can use to get a discount on your order.  You can save 40% off banners, $25 off your first order, and they have other exclusive deals and specials to help you get out the word about your business.

You may have an award-winning, gluten-free Snickerdoodle, but if your cards don’t have the correct information on them, you could miss a lot of customers.  That’s why you should trust the professionals at to deliver the goods, because they will be checked and double checked by the time they are handed over to you.  If you want digital marketing materials, they have a division to handle those needs as well.  If your marketing efforts have gone a little stale, be a smart cookie and use Groupon, to save yourself some dough.

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